[PATCH 0/4] setup.exe

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Fri Jan 25 22:07:00 GMT 2013

Here is a reworked patch series, this time as single patches in separate
mail.  For the sake of completeness I'm sending all patches again.  They
should all apply seperately if necessary.  Some comments below.

[PATCH 1/4] README: document some recent changes in the build environment

I've clarified that libgetopt++ should be present after a CVS checkout
and that this should be checked and perhaps manually corrected when
using a different method of obtaining the sources.  I've checked with a
completely fresh source tree that an out-of-tree build does indeed work
(don't know why it didn't when I first tried this).

[PATCH 2/4] Makefile: additional targets "strip" and "upx"

These targets have been quite useful to me.  Feel free to rename them.

[PATCH 3/4] Allow delete and reinstall from CLI, re-implement install

This is the patch that was missing from the earlier series and also the
one that I really want to go into the official sources.

It adds two options to specify deletion of packages and entire
categories from the CLI and re-implements the handling of these and the
options for adding packages or categories.  As a bonus, there is no need
to discern between unattended and other install methods anymore and you
can switch to chooser mode and inspect what packages are selected with a
particular invocation.  If the same package is both removed and added
from the CLI, it will get reinstalled.  This is a no-op if the package
wasn't installed, this could be detected and changed to install instead,
but the current behaviour is IMHO more useful since it allows
reinstallation of a whole category without also installing all packages
from that category that weren't already present.

Some usage examples (may require additional options):

# reinstall tar
setup.exe -P tar -x tar

# install or upgrade packages xz and zoo without touching the rest of
# the installed packages
setup.exe -P xz,zoo

# remove package xz and zoo
setup.exe -x xz,zoo

# remove all package in category Devel
setup.exe -c Devel

# upgrade installed packages and install all missing packages from
# category Devel, enter chooser mode to inspect and maybe alter the
# package selection
setup.exe --upgrade -C Devel -M

# upgrade installed packages, remove orphaned packages and enter chooser
# mode
setup.exe -goM

[PATCH 4/4] Allow a different basename (instead of "setup")

I still think this is a useful option to have.  The workaround I've been
using for about a week now requires extra complexity.  I can absorb that
in the scripts I'm using, but it is not easy to do this directly on the
command line.

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