setup.exe "Download Without Installing" with multiple roots

Shaddy Baddah
Mon Jun 3 06:41:00 GMT 2013


I'm sure this is a known issue. And it is minor, but I thought it might
be good to put it on record, in hope someone has a good idea for how to
solve it (in UI).

Cygwin setup.exe allows for install to multiple Cygwin, parallel root

If you wish to upgrade some packages for one Cygwin root, and it was not
the last involved in a installation, you will see a discrepancy when
using the "Download Without Installing" option.

The install state and version numbers of packages listed will be based
on the last root, and not the intended target.

You can work around this by running setup,exe on command-line/Run and
specifying -R <target_root_path>. However, there is no way in the UI to
do this.

My understanding is that this is a bit of a legacy of how Cygwin used
to work. Where Cygwin itself had no facilities for parallel. In the
(relatively) recent history, Corinna has added to the DLL the ability
to read and maintain a hash map for parallel root directories. So
perhaps the UI design didn't really catch up with this.


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