[64bit] Biber packaging questions

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Jun 15 12:37:00 GMT 2013

Reini Urban writes:
> If you really want to maintain 2000+ packages do it. I don't care.

Nobody suggested that all of a sudden Cygwin should come with all CPAN
distributions pre-bundled.  My current guess, based on my own usage,
would be on the order of 300 packages.

> I hope you know what happens over at debian, macports and redhat with
> this scheme. Been there, done that.

I don't know, but openSUSE seems to use the same scheme and does not
appear to have problems with it.  But if you point me to some relevant
discussions I shall read them.

> Also, our UI setup selector cannot handle that.

It's easy enough to provide bundle packages and the normal user would
never need to look at the individual distribution packages.  They could
even be hidden if seeing those in the chooser window really is a

> At cygwin we favor cpan over cygwin packages.

I can't use CPAN for most of the machines I need to install Cygwin on,
unless you are suggesting to set up a local CPAN server.  In that case I
think that would be more work than packaging with cygport, but then I
didn't feel compelled to actually try that yet.

> If the urgent need for a local patch arises the user can always cpan
> it, until the lazy maintainer updates his package.

I'm not talking about that part of the update/patch problem.  My local
patches generally prevent the use of bundled libs (yes, bundling is in
vogue) and instead linking against system libs so that there's only one
library of each kind (sqlite3, etc.) and make things conform to how our
IT thinks the network should be set up.

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