Preparation for gcc 4.7.3-1

Achim Gratz
Sun Jun 16 16:34:00 GMT 2013

JonY writes:
> I noticed some deps are still marked as experimental, eg
> cloog/ppl/mpc/mpfr/gmp. Parts of the experimental ppl even requires
> experimental 4.7.x libstdc++.

That's because gcc-4.5.3 stops working when these packages get

> setup constantly tries to revert it to stable versions.

I write my own setup.ini which uses the experimental version for those
packages... but yes, this can be annoying.

> Should I still put gcc 4.7.3-1 as experimental?

So you are taking over from Dave again?  I thought the plan was to
provide test packages for the compiler, then update anything else that
needs updating and finally switch it to current in one go after some
more testing.

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