Preparation for gcc 4.7.3-1

Achim Gratz
Tue Jun 18 15:14:00 GMT 2013

JonY writes:
> All the new ppl/mpc/mpfr/gmp that were marked experimental needs to be
> switched to stable at the same time gcc-4.7.x or else gcc would be
> broken for awhile without those DLLs.

When do you plan to roll a new gcc package?  I would want to re-compile
these with 4.7.3 just to be sure before going stable (it isn't strictly
necessary, so if you'd rather skip that we could do so) and at that time
update gmp to 5.1.2 (which mainly fixes a bug for Bulldozer that doesn't
affect the Cygwin build).  You wouldn't need to re-build gcc with the
newer versions since these all have the same library versions.

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