setup in cvs head by early june 2013 does not run on xp
Thu Jun 20 21:04:00 GMT 2013

setup built from cvs at -D20130228 WILL run on xp
setup built from cvs at -D20130331 will NOT run on xp  (likewise at HEAD early june 2013)
setup in cvs at -D20130331 will NOT run on xp because it has a static link to _vswprintf in ntdll.dll
_vswprintf is not an exported symbol in ntdll.dll in xp (sp3 nor sp2)

in -D20130228 version links to _vswprintf in msvcrt.dll
cvs log for indicate ntdll and wininet were added on mar 4, 2013 in revision 2.94
 of both were done with a version of cygwin installed around june 3, 
2013, with a v2.774 setup.exe downloaded around that time.
cygwin install was done from onto a windows xp sp3 acer netbook
Is this a move toward not supporting cygwin on XP (W2K3 server) at all, or
 a mistake?  (I tried searching the cygwin-apps maillist archives, but 
did not spot any items appearing related to this.  The cvs log entry did
 not enlighten me as to why those two items were added then either, 
wasn't sure where else to research.)  Without checking, I'd guess 
windows server 2003 might also be missing that export.
Is it known that the prototype of the _vswprintf in ntdll.dll matches what is 
expected by the setup code (in iostream_cygfile and 
 (search for hieroglyphics and see it and item after it in "")

David Hoke 		 	   		  

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