setup in cvs head by early june 2013 does not run on xp

Christopher Faylor
Tue Jun 25 17:11:00 GMT 2013

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 05:00:53PM +0000, wrote:
>>>>You need to build with the newest version of mingw from the
>>>>mingw64-i686 package. It seems like yours is out of date. Corinna and
>>>>I build with the i686-w64-mingw32 target.
>>>It appears I have the latest version (gcc, g++, 4.5.3-6, runtime
>>>runtime-3.0b_svn5747-1, headers-3.0b_svn5747-1) offered by
>>> (checked prior to this email via setup against then
>>>current, and installed /var/log/setup.log), which is listed at
>>> as an up-to-date mirror.
>>>1)Please advise what pkg version, mirror, or ? can provide appropriate
>>>build context.
>> The package is mingw64-i686. That's why I mentioned it. There is no
>> specific mirror that you need to get proper packages. That's why
>> they're called "mirrors".
>I have now repeated this effort installing from a different mirror and
>obtained the same results (a setup.exe that is referencing _vswprintf
>in ntdll.dll.)
>Please review the following outlining what I've done and indicate,
>what, if anything, I am doing wrong, or at least differently from you
>and/or Corinna.

Please verify that you actually have mingw64-i686 installed.  Telling us
what you have done doesn't really help.  We need to know what's on your

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