setup in cvs head by early june 2013 does not run on xp

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jun 26 14:42:00 GMT 2013

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 02:47:15PM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Jun 26 08:46, wrote:
>> >
>> > Please verify that you actually have mingw64-i686 installed. Telling us
>> > what you have done doesn't really help. We need to know what's on your
>> > system.
>> >
>> >
>> I do not see any single mingw64-i686 package...
>> [...]
>I could reproduce the problem.  Chris and I are usually cross building
>our stuff from Linux.
>The Linux->mingw-w64 on both of our machines are apparently newer then
>the current mingw-w64 headers in the Cygwin->mingw-w64 cross toolchain.
>Therefore, we both didn't see this problem.
>The vswprintf problem is a result of a bug in Mingw-w64's stdio.h when
>using C++.  If you include stdio.h before any other of the usual C++
>headers,  You get the vswprintf symbol as normal exported symbol from
>some Windows DLL.  If you include the C++ headers first, vswprintf
>is redirected to _mingw_vswprintf from libmingex.a.  This bug is fixed
>upstream and in my Fedora 18 cross toolchain, so the problem can only be
>reproduced when building setup under Cygwin with it's older set of
>mingw-w64 headers.

Huh.  I thought the Fedora version was actually somewhat older than the
Cygwin version.  My apologies for not checking on Windows.


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