setup.exe in unattended mode. Possible problems handling dependencies

Shaddy Baddah
Thu May 2 05:31:00 GMT 2013


I have been trying to upgrade my cygwin package from 1.7.17-1 to
1.7.18-1 via command-line/unattended mode. This is the command line I

setup.exe -q -s -R 
S:/cygwin/ -D -l C:/Users/Public/Downloads/cygwin_setup_area/ -P cygwin

Using this command, cygwin-1.7.18-1.tar.bz2 is not being download. So a
subsequent attempt to install from local directory obviously fails.

What I have found is that in regular UI mode, I can select just cygwin
package, and I will be prompted to "Resolving Dependencies". From there
of course the cygwin package is downloaded.

Looking into the code, and without an intimate understanding of it, I
gather this might be an artifact of when the chooser dialog
automatically toggled dependant packages. I feel this bit of code from 

2.9          |jturney    146: long
              |           147: PrereqPage::OnUnattended ()
              |           148: {
              |           149:   // in chooser-only mode, show this page 
so the user can choose to fix dependency problems or not
              |           150:   if (unattended_mode == chooseronly)
              |           151:     return -1;
              |           152:
              |           153:   // in unattended mode, carry on to 
              |           154:   // (this can only happen if there some 
kind of problem with dependencies, as all required dependencies
              |           155:   //  should be selected automatically by 
the chooser page in unattended mode, so we should never get here)
              |           156:   return whatNext();
              |           157: }

The comment "this can only happen... should be select automatically" is
what gives me this suggestion.

I any case, I can't use unattended mode in the same way as


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