Global 32/64 bit collision issues

Corinna Vinschen
Tue May 28 10:26:00 GMT 2013

On May 28 04:36, Herbert Stocker wrote:
> But there is also a flaw:
> Imagine a user who has only a 32 bit installation.
> This algorithm would install the services without a '32' suffix.
> -> correct
> Then the user installs the 64 bit Cygwin, and now the scripts in the
> 32 bit Cygwin would try to access their services with the '32' suffix
> appended.
> Therefore some config setting that tells what to append seams
> necessary, be it an environment variable or a registry setting.
> If the user should not be bothered with such a setting at installation
> time, the 64 bit setup could rename all 32 bit services and short cuts
> to have the '32' suffixes.

You can't just rename services, that's kind of heavy-handed.  This is
also a functionality which doesn't belong in setup, really.  Also, how
does setup is supposed to know which Windows service is a Cygwin
service, a 32 bit service, and then, if it's a service being part of the
distro or created manually by the user?

> But users may need to adopt their self-made
> scripts. Therefore leaving this setting to the user, seams best for me.

Only distro services are supposed to do anything, *if* we decide to
do anything.


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