[64bit] boost, botan, monotone, openjpeg, poppler, source-highlight, zziplib

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 30 02:48:00 GMT 2013

I just added the following to 64bit/release:

boost/libboost* 1.53.0-2
botan/libbotan* 1.8.14-1 (adopting from Lapo)
monotone 1.0-3 (adopting from Lapo)
openjpeg/libopenjpeg* 1.5.1-2
poppler/libpoppler* 0.20.5-2  (no qt4 for now)
source-highlight/libsource-highlight* 3.1.7-3
zziplib/libzzip* 0.13.62-1

I also updated the following:

harfbuzz/libharfbuzz* 0.9.17-1
libarchive*/bsdcpio/bsdtar 3.1.2-2 (rebuilt for nettle soname change)



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