David Stacey
Fri Oct 4 15:14:00 GMT 2013

On 04/10/13 16:07, Chris Olin wrote:
> Didn't see this until after sending my response to Christopher. I'm
> unfamiliar with Cygwin Ports. If libevent is already available there, is
> there a process to have it brought into Cygwin so then all that I really
> need to do is package tmux and send out an ITP?

Please don't top-post.

Regarding Cygwin Ports, read the following (short) thread when I asked 
the same question about a year ago:

Essentially, make Yaakov aware that you want to bring a package across 
from Ports, and that he is happy for you to maintain it. Make sure that 
you understand the cygport file and any patches that have been applied 
so that you can keep it (reasonably) up-to-date as new releases come along.



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