[ITP] WeeChat -- Fast, light and extensible chat client

Sebastien Helleu flashcode@flashtux.org
Fri Oct 11 16:34:00 GMT 2013


I'm the developer of WeeChat, a fast, light and extensible chat client, released
under GPLv3.

Web site: http://weechat.org/

It is available in almost all Linux distributions, for example:


I built packages using cygport for WeeChat 0.4.2 (released past Sunday), for
Cygwin 32/64 bit.

This is the first time I used cygport, so please let me know if there is any
problem in the cygport file or the packages built.

All files are available at this URL:


Or at your convenience, one tarball with all files:


Here is the main setup.hint (for package "weechat", built on 32-bit Cygwin):

[ setup.hint ]

category: Net
requires: libaspell15 libcurl4 libgcc1 libgcrypt11 libgnutls28 libiconv2
libintl8 libncursesw10 zlib0 libaspell15 libcurl4 libgcrypt11 libgnutls28
libncursesw10 zlib0
sdesc: "Fast, light and extensible chat client (IRC/XMPP)"
ldesc: "WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a fast, light and
extensible chat client (IRC/XMPP). Everything can be done with a keyboard, it is
customizable and extensible with scripts."

As you can see, on 32-bit, cygwin auto-adds some required packages, and then
they are two times in the list (mine in cygport file + auto-added file). On
64-bit Cygwin, there's no such problem. I don't know if it's a problem or not.

Cordialement / Best regards

web: flashtux.org / weechat.org      mail: flashcode@flashtux.org
irc: FlashCode @ irc.freenode.net    xmpp: flashcode@jabber.fr

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