Deleting old versions of packages

Achim Gratz
Tue Oct 29 20:03:00 GMT 2013

Christopher Faylor writes:
> So your proposal is basically to do "I can't think of any way to do this
> short of..."

Well, it was you who was taking options from the table.

> That's not a very inspired proposal given the fact that I already
> mentioned the idea and implied that I wasn't keen on doing it that way.

Sorry for failing to be inspired or inspiring or whatever it was you
were expecting.  Two proposals shot down, here's the third:

Leave everything as is at the upload side, but add two cleanup passes on
the release directory; a first that deletes zero-sized files and a
second that removes empty directories.  That way a maintainer can
"upload" a file that he wants to be deleted.  Then upset will see the
cleaned up release directory and setup.ini won't have to specify tzhe
exact versions of files most of the time.

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