subtle problem with x86_64 automake1.4

Christopher Faylor
Tue Sep 10 17:50:00 GMT 2013

upset's version normalizer considers (not unreasonably I think)
4-1.4p6-11 to be the same as 4-1.4-p6-11.  So, having both files in the
same directory is going to confuse things.

I've added a kludge to the version sorter that upset uses which causes
-p6 to sort before p6 but, please don't create packages with different
patch number versioning schemes like this.

This manifested as a neverending setup.ini creation.  Every time there
was a new run of upset, a new version of setup.ini would be created
because the a "new" automake1.4 package was constantly being detected.
That meant that mirrors could never catch up and the result is that we
have almost no mirrors available currently.


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