[RFU 32 + 64bit] fltk-

A.R. Burgers a.rburgers@quicknet.nl
Tue Sep 10 18:55:00 GMT 2013

new packages for fltk-1.3 are here for upload:

64 bit:
wget -nH -r -np --cut-dirs=2 http://members.quicknet.nl/ar.burgers/cygwin/x86_64/fltk/
find x86_64 -name "index.html*" | xargs rm

32 bit:
wget -nH -r -np  --cut-dirs=2 http://members.quicknet.nl/ar.burgers/cygwin/x86/fltk
find x86 -name "index.html*" | xargs rm

- update to svn revision 9965
- switch to cygport's automatic dependency generation
- remove erroneous dependency on gcc4-core and gcc4-g++ for libfltk-devel packages

Please leave fltk- as previous for fltk-1.3

kind regards,


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