subtle problem with x86_64 automake1.4

Charles Wilson
Fri Sep 13 12:56:00 GMT 2013

On 9/10/2013 1:50 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> upset's version normalizer considers (not unreasonably I think)
> 4-1.4p6-11 to be the same as 4-1.4-p6-11.  So, having both files in the
> same directory is going to confuse things.

Yaakov explained downthread how this came about. I /did/ notice that the 
Release numbers (11) were the same between my "new" version and Yaakov's 
bootstrap version, but figured that since the Version numbers differed 
in format that upset would handle it (I may have even specifically added 
prev: and curr: entries to the setup.hint to disambiguate priority, in 
case upset sorted differently than I wanted; but I'm not sure about that).

> I've added a kludge to the version sorter that upset uses which causes
> -p6 to sort before p6 but, please don't create packages with different
> patch number versioning schemes like this.

Sorry for the confusion; it's just one of those bootstrap/NMU things 
we'll slowly work thru as the "real" maintainers catch up to all of 
Yaakov's wonderful work with the 64bit bootstrapping.

> This manifested as a neverending setup.ini creation.  Every time there
> was a new run of upset, a new version of setup.ini would be created
> because the a "new" automake1.4 package was constantly being detected.
> That meant that mirrors could never catch up and the result is that we
> have almost no mirrors available currently.

Yikes. That's...bad. :-(

Sorry I didn't catch this thread earlier; I've been really sick this week.


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