[RFU][1.4.12-1][32 bits + 64 bits] pv

Aaron Schneider notstop2@users.sourceforge.net
Sat Sep 21 23:34:00 GMT 2013

Pipeviewer is a command-line utility to view the progress
of data through a pipe.
Some modifiers can be added, for example to limit the
speed rate or close the pipe at a given transferred size.


* pv version 1.4.12
* Changed build requirements from gcc-4 to gcc-g++
* Changed in cygport from CC=gcc-4 to simply CC=gcc and CXX=g++-4 to
simply CXX=g++
* Removed previous patch pv-1.4.4-R-man-cyg.patch because the source
code is already patched.
* First version to have both x86 and x86_64.

Known bugs:

* The -c option does not work properly on Cygwin without cygserver
if started near the bottom of the screen (IPC is needed to handle the
terminal scrolling). To fix this, start cygserver before using pv -c.

* The -R option is not available on Cygwin without cygserver running
(SYSV IPC is needed). To fix this, start cygserver before running the
instance of pv you want, at runtime, to change the parameters of.

wget --recursive --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=0 \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x86/setup.hint \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x86/pv-1.4.12-1.tar.xz \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x86/pv-1.4.12-1-src.tar.xz \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x86/pv-debuginfo/setup.hint \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x86/pv-debuginfo/pv-debuginfo-1.4.12-1.tar.xz \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x64/setup.hint \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x64/pv-1.4.12-1.tar.xz \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x64/pv-1.4.12-1-src.tar.xz \
http://pvcyg.awardspace.biz/pv-x64/pv-debuginfo/setup.hint \

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