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Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Aug 13 08:19:00 GMT 2014

Hi Pavel,

On Aug 12 22:12, Pavel Fedin wrote:
>  Hello everybody!
>  I  have read the headsup message. Sorry for so much time passed, this
> was  for  various  reasons... I became inactive in all my projects, i
> get tired at work and just don't want to do anything after it. ;)
>  But you're right, it's time to finally finish it. So, this  is try #2, i hope
> everything will be okay now. I remember, there was a problem with version number,
> i have fixed it.
> The package URL is:
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s95jz1ql5xs8yx7/AAAWsgZPMmDdqfsGrDU5jj1ia

I had a look into your package.  Packaging looks ok in theory, but
you're using the old cygport layout.  Rather than creating a cygport
file with the version encoded in the filename:


you could ease the job by renaming the cygport file to the package name


and adding the complete information, including the info for the
setup.hint file (which is missing, btw) to the start of the cygport

  CATEGORY="Devel"  # for instance
  SUMMARY="This is the sdesc text for setup.hint"
  DESCRIPTION="This is the ldesc text for setup.hint"

The setup.hint file will get auto-generated then, you don't have to
maintain it outside the cygport file.

I'm also a bit puzzled about the onc_rpc_download function.

There's SVN support inside of cygport, see the "inherit svn" chapter in
/usr/share/doc/cygport/manual.html.  In theory you should be able to
support the default

  cygport onc-rpc-devel.cygport download
command by just giving all svn sources in SVN_URI, using the `inherit
svn' statement.  The xgettext calls to create the translation files
would better belong into the Makefile at compile or install time.  

Having said all that, the package still looks ok.  If you're more
comfortable with the status quo of the cygport file, it's GTG.  But it
would be nice if you could look into creating another cygport file
supporting the default cygport download command, at least when you
create the next version.

However, IIUC, this package would be 64 bit only right now, because it
collides with the sunrpc package on 32 bit.  Since Chuck Wilson went
AWOL, the sunrpc package is now orphaned.

What's missing is a plan how to go forward for 32 bit now.  Would you be
willing to take over the orphaned sunrpc package and put it into it's
deserved shallow grave, replacing it with the onc rpc packages as

>  This is also a second attempt to post this message. Can anybody check
> the SMTP server at sourceware.org ? It tends to reject my messages as
> spam.



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