SSH key for upload access

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Aug 13 08:21:00 GMT 2014

On Aug 12 17:32, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> On 2014-08-12 13:21, Pavel Fedin wrote:
> >Name : Pavel Fedin
> >Package: onc-rpc-devel
> >---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----
> >Comment: "2048-bit RSA, converted by sonic@netbook from OpenSSH"
> >8sLq3B5lUycsNQq7H0SHGsFWZ7CgURIhl5Rje67iy9JvFGpcSsxY7OYUMoT1Or6+XScUoG
> >/QXVLU8dfyUujw9W8BoOvNNl+wyvaQmfPBRmkqzvDh6PId7VZxqYelEz9WOnosO+GoF4ZF
> >jZp3zSwzrvbZcdyWvdGW9cKkS8mNEdmU9HYV9PecFTXnsJoGCH6jiAzmU/yTD5ctBkBoI/
> >fkIT9/tQwwHWQgQCADGT4Jf3yKHihkwArAStBfX/d9xqW8hVZjCu2gbxyLgZ3LsjDJgKsB
> >OA1iD+7eqaMHbYrXheyvHl
> >---- END SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----
> This is not properly formatted.  Please review the following and resend:

To elucidate:  The mail gets processed by a script.  The script stumbles
over the space in the "Name" line.  Make that

  Name: Pavel Fedin

instead of

  Name : Pavel Fedin

and the script should be happy.


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