[ITP] onc-rpc-devel-2.19_20140211-1

Pavel Fedin pavel_fedin@mail.ru
Wed Aug 13 18:55:00 GMT 2014

Hello, Corinna.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014, 12:19:06 you wrote:

> you could ease the job by renaming the cygport file to the package name
> only:

>   onc-rpc-devel.cygport

> and adding the complete information, including the info for the
> setup.hint file (which is missing, btw) to the start of the cygport
> file:


> The setup.hint file will get auto-generated then, you don't have to
> maintain it outside the cygport file.

 Very nice. I like this idea much more.

> I'm also a bit puzzled about the onc_rpc_download function.

> There's SVN support inside of cygport, see the "inherit svn" chapter in
> /usr/share/doc/cygport/manual.html.  In theory you should be able to
> support the default

>   cygport onc-rpc-devel.cygport download

 I  have  inherited  this function from old rpcgen package. I'm also a
bit incomfortable with this, but if you take a closer look, it doesn't
just  download  the  SVN tree. It downloads two trees (main source and
manual  pages) and extracts parts from them. It is possible to do this
using 'inherit svn' method ?

> What's missing is a plan how to go forward for 32 bit now.  Would you be
> willing to take over the orphaned sunrpc package and put it into it's
> deserved shallow grave, replacing it with the onc rpc packages as
> required?

 Actually,  this  was,  and still is, my long-term plan. But, all this
stuff  is  actually  needed  for  NFS  server  to  work.  In  order to
transplant  it to new TI-RPC, portmap has to be replaced with rpcbind.
So  this  will  be  my  next  package.  Also,  NFS server by itself is
outdated,  not  maintained  any  more,  and supports only v2 protocol.
I  have  found a better replacement at sourceforge, but haven't tested
it yet.
 I want to set up all three things, then at once replace the whole NFS
stack on 32 bits. It is technically possible to make 32-bit version of
onc-rpc right now, but it will break NFS dependencies.

>>  This is also a second attempt to post this message. Can anybody check
>> the SMTP server at sourceware.org ? It tends to reject my messages as
>> spam.


 Should not be, i always use plain text.
 By  the  way, has anybody seen my SSH key yet ? I have posted it, and
looks like it even bounced back from the list, but got no single reply.

Kind regards,
 Pavel                          mailto:pavel_fedin@mail.ru

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