cygwin-pkg-maint maintance: round 2

Marco Atzeri
Fri Aug 15 10:03:00 GMT 2014

On 14/08/2014 22:47, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Marco Atzeri writes:

> Ultimately the need for this file should go away except for
> bootstrapping a new maintainer.

I guess we will always need a maintainer database

>> I plan to produce a list of sources by arch as by product of
>> the current analysis.

here it is including the crude python (*) script I am using:

Attached the mismatch between 32 bit and 64 bit filtered by

$ grep -v -e "cygwin\|perl\|Both" pkg_arch.txt  |tee pkg_mismatch.txt

to remove the cross-package and the perl subpackages that
are the major part of the virtual mismatch.

They are around 100 but some are in reality obsoleted as
rxvt and aewm++ that are dead upstream, and some are
virtual mismatches.

> Long term: You enter a new maintainer manually and when the package is
> finally uploaded an extended setup.hint provides all the information
> that goes into the package database to fill the temporary blanks.  And
> with a little bit of extra effort each package could eben be checked for
> (formal) correctness.

big dream ;-)

For the time being I suggest to focus on the mismatches and see
which programs should be buried as obsolete and which are worth
to be ported on 64bit.

> Regards,
> Achim.

*) my real job is not in software, and writing a program every
    2-3 year  is a very good way to continuously loose practice
    and relearn a language...

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PACKAGE                                      ARCH      MAINTAINER

aewm++                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Jari Aalto)
aewm++-goodies                               32 bit    ORPHANED (Jari Aalto)
amanda                                       32 bit    Mark O'Keefe
apngtools                                    32 bit    Jari Aalto
biber                                        64 bit    Ken Brown
brltty                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Samuel Thibault)
bsdiff                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Lapo Luchini)
catdoc                                       32 bit    Reini Urban
ccdoc                                        32 bit    ORPHANED (Joe Linoff)
cfget                                        64 bit    Jari Aalto
cgoban                                       32 bit    Teun Burgers
chicken                                      32 bit    Nathan Thern
clisp                                        32 bit    Reini Urban
connect-proxy                                32 bit    Kostya Altukhov
cramfs                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
ctris                                        32 bit    Reini Urban
db                                           64 bit    Dr. Volker Zell
db4.5                                        32 bit    Dr. Volker Zell
db4.8                                        32 bit    Dr. Volker Zell
distcc                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Harold L Hunt II)
dmalloc                                      32 bit    Pierre A. Humblet
exim                                         32 bit    Pierre A. Humblet
fcgi                                         32 bit    Reini Urban
ffcall                                       32 bit    Reini Urban
flexdll                                      32 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz
fltk_gdi                                     32 bit    Teun Burgers
gaffitter                                    32 bit    Kostya Altukhov
geoip                                        32 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz
git-oodiff                                   32 bit    Jari Aalto
gnucap                                       32 bit    Peter Li
gnugo                                        32 bit    Teun Burgers
grandr                                       32 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz
ioperm                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Marcel Telka)
iperf                                        32 bit    Mike White
lesstif                                      32 bit    OBSOLETE (Yaakov Selkowitz)
libAfterImage                                32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
libassuan                                    32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
libgeotiff                                   32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
libksba                                      32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
libpthread-stubs                             32 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz
libsigsegv                                   32 bit    Reini Urban
libtextcat                                   32 bit    Reini Urban
libtorrent                                   32 bit    Chris Sutcliffe
lilypond                                     32 bit    Jan Nieuwenhuizen
logiweb                                      32 bit    Klaus Grue
lyx                                          32 bit    ORPHANED (Bo Peng)
maradns                                      32 bit    Steven Monai
mathomatic                                   32 bit    Reini Urban
md5deep                                      32 bit    Steven Monai
mingw-libgcrypt                              32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
mingw-libgpg-error                           32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
mingw-xz                                     32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
mtd                                          32 bit    ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
naim                                         32 bit    ORPHANED (Jonathan C. Allen)
nfrotz                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
nfs-server                                   32 bit    ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
oodiff                                       32 bit    Jari Aalto
pal                                          32 bit    ORPHANED (Jari Aalto)
parrot                                       32 bit    Reini Urban
pbzip2                                       32 bit    Peter Li
pdftk                                        32 bit    David Rothenberger
pinentry                                     32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
ploticus                                     32 bit    Andrew Schulman
ploticus-doc                                 32 bit    Andrew Schulman
po4a                                         64 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz
printproto                                   32 bit    OBSOLETE (Yaakov Selkowitz)
pristine-tar                                 32 bit    Jari Aalto
proftpd                                      32 bit    Jason Tishler
proj                                         32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
pth                                          32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
pure-ftpd                                    32 bit    Kostya Altukhov
rakudo                                       32 bit    Reini Urban
rakudo-star                                  32 bit    Reini Urban
rtorrent                                     32 bit    Chris Sutcliffe
rxvt                                         32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
scsh                                         32 bit    Reini Urban
singular-base                                32 bit    Yue Ren (Frank Seelisch)
singular-help                                32 bit    Yue Ren (Frank Seelisch)
singular-icons                               32 bit    Yue Ren (Frank Seelisch)
singular-share                               32 bit    Yue Ren (Frank Seelisch)
singular-surf                                32 bit    Yue Ren (Frank Seelisch)
suite3270                                    32 bit    Peter A. Castro
sunrpc                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
tack                                         32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
task                                         32 bit    Federico Hernandez
tesseract-ocr                                32 bit    Reini Urban
tinyirc                                      32 bit    Jari Aalto
ucspi-tcp                                    32 bit    Steven Monai
wtf                                          32 bit    Chris Sutcliffe
xclip                                        32 bit    Roland Cassard
xdelta                                       32 bit    Eric Blake
xemacs                                       32 bit    Dr. Volker Zell
xemacs-mule-sumo                             32 bit    Dr. Volker Zell
xemacs-sumo                                  32 bit    Dr. Volker Zell
xgraph                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Jari Aalto)
xinetd                                       32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
xmltoman                                     64 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz
xsri                                         32 bit    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
xview                                        32 bit    Jon Turney
xwinwm                                       32 bit    Yaakov Selkowitz

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