[ITP] libsuexec 1.0

D. Boland daniel@boland.nl
Mon Aug 18 14:48:00 GMT 2014

Hi Corinna,

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > * I put the license under the 'Open Source Definition' license and
> > added a reference to the complete license text.
> Uh, that's a bit of a problem.
> The text under http://opensource.org/docs/osd/ does *not* constitute a
> license by itself.  It just describes what a license has to define to
> become an OSS license.  For blessed OSS licenses, see
> http://opensource.org/licenses/.  For a simple lib like this I'd suggest
> http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause or
> http://opensource.org/licenses/LGPL-3.0
> > http://cygwin.boland.nl/x86/release/libsuexec/
> A LICENSE file parallel to usr/share/doc/README containing the license
> text would be nice.

I changed the license to LGPL 2.1. It has the nice short text to paste in my sources

I also updated the procmail package. It has Cygwin version 14 now.

Finally, I sent my public key, so now I will wait for activation.


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