Please remove git-review-1.24-1

David Rothenberger
Wed Aug 20 21:03:00 GMT 2014

Achim Gratz wrote:
> David Rothenberger writes:
>> Please remove git-review-1.24-1 and reinstate 1.23-1 as latest.
> Removing files is done by touching a file with the same name as the one
> you want to remove and putting a literal '-' character in front.  It's a
> little tricky to not have touch recognize it as an option if you use
> sshfs in the current directory (adding ./ helps also).  If you need to
> change setup.hint (as you probably want to do for folks who have the
> 1.24 package installed already) then those changes need to be in the
> same round of updates, otherwise upset might get upset.

Thanks for the info.

I really wasn't sure what to submit in my setup.hint, so I took a look
at the package contribution page. It said I could do:

prev: 1.24-1
curr: 1.23-1

If I do that, is it also safe to remove the 1.24-1 files? Or will that
upset upset?

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