[ITP] rpcbind 0.2.1

Pavel Fedin pavel_fedin@mail.ru
Thu Aug 21 14:54:00 GMT 2014

Hello, Yaakov.

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 6:04:38 you wrote:

> I'm wondering if onc-rpc-devel (which I'm starting to think should just
> be called rpcgen) shouldn't obsolete sunrpc too instead of this.

 I  went  for  a  new name because rpcgen was just rpcgen, and the new
package is rpcgen + includes.
 Actually  initially  i  didn't  want to touch rpcgen at all, and just
make  onc-rpc-headers, however after that i thought that both packages
are  quite small, so it makes sense to merge them. After all, .x files
are  useless  without  rpcgen  and  vice  versa. And both are used for
development only.

>   It's a bit of a tough call because there is some overlap here.

 Original  sunrpc  package  consists  of  these  includes and portmap.
onc-rpc-devel now has includes, and rpcbind is a new portmap. So, as a
result, none of two new packages alone completely obsoletes sunrpc, but both
of them do. How to specify this ?

 As to the rest of notes, i'll fix that.

Kind regards,

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