[ITP] libsuexec 1.0

D. Boland daniel@boland.nl
Fri Aug 22 05:34:00 GMT 2014

Achim Gratz wrote:
> D. Boland writes:
> > fakesu?
> I'd go with "fakeid" personally.  But that's a joke that's probably too
> hard to get… so fakesu is also good.
> Regards,
> Achim.
> --
> +<[Q+ Matrix-12 WAVE#46+305 Neuron microQkb Andromeda XTk Blofeld]>+
> Samples for the Waldorf Blofeld:
> http://Synth.Stromeko.net/Downloads.html#BlofeldSamplesExtra

So it's settled. I will roll with fakesu. I'll re-post. Anyone know why my
upload-key activation is taking so long? Or were y'all waiting for me to change my


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