cygport improvements: upload, fish, src_prep_fini_hook

Andrew Schulman
Wed Dec 3 21:41:00 GMT 2014

> Here's what I have at the moment based on your branch as of a few weeks 
> ago.  However, with password-protected SSH keys, the password prompt 
> isn't handled properly.  Any ideas?

OK.  Looks good.

Re password prompts: I see the problem.  It's because I echo the lftp
script to stdout, and pipe it into lftp -f /dev/stdin.  So stdin is
unavailable for the password prompt.

I think using process substitution instead will be an easy fix for this.
I'll code this up, test it and push it out shortly.

BTW I see that you commented out the line:

echo "rm -f !ready || echo -n"

in the lftp script in __pkg_upload().  That line is there to prevent a race
condition if the maintainer has already made one upload, then later starts
to make another one, at the same time that upset starts to copy files from
the upload area.  In that case, upset could copy partially uploaded or
corrupt files.  To prevent that, we first remove !ready, then put it back
later after the new upload is complete.


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