[RFC] incremental rebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Dec 7 10:45:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> The _update-info-dir script just collects all info files from /usr/info
> and /usr/share/info and creates new "dir" using install-info.  I was
> hoping that the method from _{inc}autorebase could be simply adapted to
> include .info files instead of .dll, .so and .oct files.

The .info suffix may not be universally used as it is not required.  The
check shouldn't be much more complicated (I'd extract for the info path
instead of the suffix), but I'd want to check first if there are any
packages that do strange things during postinstall.  The method from the
incremental rebase relies on the timestamps of the .lst files and the
information therein.

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