[RFC] incremental rebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Dec 9 16:42:00 GMT 2014

Ken Brown writes:
>>> The attached script is what I had in mind.  It's better than what we have
>>> now and could be a starting point.

Looks good.  I have cocluded that at the moment we can't restrict the
info update to just the packages touched by the install, mainly because
there's no way to track removed packages in postinstall (some day we
might want to have perpetual scripts for pre-remove as well).  So in any
case we will have to re-build the info dir completely.

That also means that the script needs to track vanished info files, so a
slight modification to the marker concept needs to be done: Record all
top-level info files, compare with the list that was compiled the last
time and then add/remove from dir as needed.

> Achim, I'd be willing to ITA _update-info-dir and provide this script,
> but I'm also happy to defer to you if you want to improve it.

Thanks, I think it's already clear what I want to do and more or less
clear how to implement it (I'll have to check if everything I need is in
Base), I just need to get a round tuit, together with _autorebase.

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