[HEADSUP] Base category

Peter Rosin peda@lysator.liu.se
Wed Dec 10 11:48:00 GMT 2014

On 2014-12-10 10:54, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Did you (and Ken) get me wrong, by any chance?
> What I was trying to say is *not* to remove the dependency dialog.  What
> I was trying to say is *only* to remove the check box in that dialog,
> which allows to install the selected packages without their dependencies.
> Just this check box.
> Such a check-box, or its equivalent on the command line, doesn't exist
> in other installers either.  Giving the choice to install without the
> dependencies is in 99% of the cases wrong.
> If you install package A on Fedora, the installer will tell you it has
> to install packages B, C, and D, to fullfill the dependencies for A.
> The choice you have is to install A, B, C and D, or nothing at all.
> There's no choice to install package A alone, which is what this
> check box allows.
> Again, the dialog itself is fine.  The choice to install without the
> deps usually is not.  *Iff* it's fine, then only for users who know
> what they are doing.
> As for the dialog itself, I just think it would make sense to fullfil
> deps of Base packages automatically.  If the user chooses to install
> other packages outside Base, and these packages have additional deps,
> then *of course* the additional deps should show up in that dialog.
> Does that clarify what I mean?  I'm sorry if my original mail was
> unclear.

>From time to time, I have a lot of Cygwin processes that I do not feel
like terminating, but I still would like to install or update one
specific Cygwin tool. I use "Keep" in the setup gui for this, and then
pick the specific thing I need (which usually do not interfere with
anything else). However, with the setup dependency tracker not
differentiating between last/prev dependencies (and I dare not even
think of deps of old packages which are no longer available in setup)
this action usually brings up a hefty list of false dependencies.

I would like to still be able to pick a single new package and leave
the rest as is, and I would like to NOT be required to download the
latest setup and run it using some newfangled command line option for
this. It is very nice to be able run the lastest setup with a few
clicks on the web-site.



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