cygport upload command?

Andrew Schulman
Tue Jul 8 01:14:00 GMT 2014

Using cygport, I think that packaging has become quite easy now.  At least,
once the cygport script is built and working, updating a package to a new
release is as easy as updating the version number in the cygport script,
then running 'cygport ... download all'.

Except for one thing: the upload step.  Maintainers still have to go
through the procedure at  Although it's
easier than the old manual upload process, it's still a little tedious and

Yaakov, would you consider adding an 'upload' command to cygport, that
would handle the uploading details?  That would take away the last bit of
manual work in a routine package update.

If you don't have the time or interest to add an upload command yourself,
would you consider a patch?  I've spent some time looking through cygport
code, and I might have time to give it a try, or maybe someone else would.


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