[ITA] p7zip

Tony Kelman tony@kelman.net
Sat Jul 26 08:00:00 GMT 2014


I noticed that all of Chuck Wilson's packages are now listed as orphaned. 
I'm particularly interested in getting one of them, p7zip, uploaded to the 
64-bit distribution. I sent a few messages to the main list in March 
discussing what I needed to change in order to get the existing cygport to 
build in 64 bit Cygwin. I'm willing to adopt the package, if someone can 
guide me through the rest of the process.

Let me know if I'm doing this right. Package files are uploaded here:

I put the source up in a GitHub repository so you can see the two small 
tweaks I had to make: https://github.com/tkelman/cygwin-p7zip/commits/master
One required repackaging the upstream source tarball to fix line endings on 
a man file (so a patch would apply correctly), the other was to switch to a 
different makefile fragment to use a C version of a CRC routine instead of 
an architecture-dependent assembly version. There's a 64 bit assembly 
version of the same routine included in the source, but I could never get it 
to work reliably. I reported the problem upstream and never got a response: 

Let me know if any comments or anything else I need to do.


P.S: For fun and to see if it would work, I used the AppVeyor CI service to 
build this. You can see the log here 
https://ci.appveyor.com/project/tkelman/cygwin-p7zip/build/1.0.13. Kinda 
neat, but there's a 30 minute time limit which could get restrictive for 
bigger packages. Has anyone tried cross-compiling Cygwin packages from 
something like Travis CI?

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