[ITA] p7zip

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Sat Jul 26 13:17:00 GMT 2014

> Hi,
> I noticed that all of Chuck Wilson's packages are now listed as orphaned. 
> I'm particularly interested in getting one of them, p7zip, uploaded to the 
> 64-bit distribution. I sent a few messages to the main list in March 
> discussing what I needed to change in order to get the existing cygport to 
> build in 64 bit Cygwin. I'm willing to adopt the package, if someone can 
> guide me through the rest of the process.
> Let me know if I'm doing this right. Package files are uploaded here:
> https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/1cxy8w15aq971cyr/artifacts/p7zip-9.20.1-1.x86_64/dist/p7zip/p7zip-9.20.1-1.tar.xz
> https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/1cxy8w15aq971cyr/artifacts/p7zip-9.20.1-1.x86_64/dist/p7zip/p7zip-9.20.1-1-src.tar.xz
> https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/1cxy8w15aq971cyr/artifacts/p7zip-9.20.1-1.x86_64/dist/p7zip/setup.hint

Packaging is GTG.

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