[ITP] Sendmail 8.14.9

D. Boland daniel@boland.nl
Sun Nov 2 06:58:00 GMT 2014

Hi Christian,

Christian Franke wrote:
> D. Boland wrote:
> > Hi group,
> >
> > I intend to package the Cygwin version of Sendmail, version 8.14.9.
> >
> > category: Mail
> > requires: bash libdb4.8 libgcc1 libopenssl100 libsasl2_3 libwrap0 inetutils-server
> > m4  procmail tcp_wrappers cyrus-sasl cygrunsrv
> > sdesc: "The Mail Transfer Agent (mail server)"
> > ldesc: "General purpose internetwork email routing facility that supports many kinds
> >   of mail-transfer and delivery methods, including SMTP, SMTPS (STARTTLS), SMTPA
> >   (AUTH) used for email transport over the internet."
> >
> > I've implementented the "alternatives" mechanism, so it can be installed alongside
> > other Mail Transfer Agents, such as Exim, Postfix or ssmtp.
> Please handle also the following man pages via "alternatives":
> mailq(1), newaliases(1), aliases(5), sendmail(8).
> These definitely will be in conflict with upcoming postfix package. Use
> e.g. aliases.sendmail.5.gz as the real filename (as done on Fedora).
> See also https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-apps/2014-10/msg00010.html and its
> attachment.

Is it possible for the Postfix package to not override the 'sendmail' man page? That
way one can compare the two programs without having to switch like this:

/usr/sbin/alternatives --set mta /usr/sbin/postfix
man sendmail

/usr/sbin/alternatives --set mta /usr/libexec/sendmail
man sendmail

> Further suggestions:
> The following should IMO never be done in a postinstall script:
> - Creation of user and group accounts.
> - Installation of services.
> - Setting alternatives to manual mode (/usr/sbin/alternatives --set ...)
> Please consider moving the above to the sendmail-config script.

All steps in postinstall are necessary for running Sendmail. The sendmail-config
script contains steps where user-intervention is needed.

I'll move the '--set' instruction to the 'sendmail-config' script. 

I will provide a pre-remove script that rolls back user-creation and

> - Remove formatted man pages in /usr/share/man/cat*, add troff versions
> in /usr/share/man/man*.

I will comply, but consider the following. Making man pages smear lines of text
across the entire width of the screen makes the text unreadable and the layout ugly,
especially with the omnipresent wide-screen displays nowadays.

> - Move /etc/mail/FILE.default to /etc/defaults/etc/mail/FILE,
> (post)install the files to /etc/mail if not existing, (pre)remove later
> if not changed. The cygport function make_etc_defaults is your friend :-)
> - Try to provide a debug package. Try to add this to CFLAGS:
>    -ggdb -fdebug-prefix-map=${B}=/usr/src/debug/${PF}
> Cygport may or may not handle the remaining details then.

I'll try that.


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