libpopt0 empty archive

Marco Atzeri
Fri Nov 14 15:38:00 GMT 2014

On 11/14/2014 4:07 PM, cyg Simple wrote:
> Package maintainers,
> I found that /x86_64/release/popt/libpopt0/libpopt0-1.16-1.tar.xz is
> an empty archive file.  Fortunately there is a .bz2 archive that
> contains the library.
> The setup.hint for the libpopt0 library states it is obsolete but
> cygutils still requires it making the obsolete a lie.

not exactly, as reported in the setup.ini

@ libpopt0
sdesc: "Obsolete libpopt library"
category: _obsolete
requires: popt

so any package requiring libpopt0 will install popt
where currently the lib resides

$ cygcheck -l popt


PS: I presume "mistake" is a better word than "lie" in this context

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