[RFC] incremental rebase

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Mon Nov 17 15:18:00 GMT 2014

On 11/17/2014 6:54 AM, szgyg wrote:
> Ken Brown, 2014.11.17. 12:00 :
>> What I have in mind is simpler than this.  There's nothing wrong with
>> the existing texlive postinstall scripts except slowness, due to the
>> repetition of time-consuming commands in different scripts.  So I just
>> need to do some rearranging:
>> 1. I would create a pre-postinstall perpetual script that checks
>> /etc/postinstall to see if there are any ordinary texlive postinstall
>> scripts that are not marked as done.  If so, it runs mktexlsr.  [This
>> may not be necessary; I have to think about it some more.]
>> 2. I would modify all ordinary texlive postinstall scripts to remove all
>> calls to mktexlsr, fc-cache, and updmap-sys, except for calls to the
>> latter that simply enable maps.  And I would remove the --nohash option
>> from those.  In addition, these scripts would create a marker file to
>> indicate that updmap-sys and fc-cache need to be run later.
>> 3. I would create a post-postinstall perpetual script that runs
>> updmap-sys and fc-cache as needed.
> I have a half-baked cygport patch for texlive postinstall. I dropped it
> because I don't use cygwin's tex anymore, but it may have some value.
> Packages put commands in /etc/postinstall/texlive. The first postinstall
> script runs and removes them, so subsequent postinsall scripts will see
> an empty workqueue. Ordering is done by assigning priorities to commands.

Thanks.  I might try something like that if the current discussion 
doesn't lead to pre/post postinstall scripts.  But I prefer the latter, 
because I'd rather not create a special postinstall system just for texlive.


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