[RFC] incremental rebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Nov 18 19:15:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> I'm glad for this initiative, but personally I don't have a strong
> opinion what's the best way to go forward.  I'd just like to see some
> mechanism to allow what Achim's _autorebase replacement does,
> preferredly for _update-info-dir and other packages as well, and Ken's
> request makes sense to me.  And I'd prefer a simple method, which can be
> easily deployed by us maintainers, with the help of cygport if possible.

I've thought about it some more, here's where I am so far:

1. I'd like to move from suffix to prefix so that the scripts will list
in approximately the order they are run.

2. I'd like to prepare for perpetual scripts, triggered scripts and
general stratified postinstallation.

3. The implementation will at first only provide pre-postinstall and
post-postinstall, both perpetual.  Proper implementation of the things
prepared for with 2. can then follow later.

Here's how I think the prefixes should look like:

naming convention: <stratum><type>(-<trigger>)?_<script name>.<suffix>
stratum := [0-9a-z]
type := [pqrt]
trigger := [a-z]+

Non-prefixed scripts will be run someplace in the middle of things
(probably at _i_nstall).  The type encodes _p_erpetual, _q_uery,
_r_unonce and _t_triggered and on each stratum the scripts get run in
that order.  Trigger names are allowed, but not acted upon for perpetual
and runonce scripts, so you can use these as a namespace for postinstall
scripts that should belong together.  A query script causes all
triggered script in run sequence after it and with the same trigger to
be run when it returns true.

At the moment the only thing that would be implemented is the 0p and zp
prefix without queries and triggers.

> Other than that, I'm open to almost everything.  Achim, if you don't
> already have write access to the setup repo, please send your ssh key
> per https://sourceware.org/cgi-bin/pdw/ps_form.cgi.

That would be the project "Cygwin", right?  Also, someone needs to give
me a quick rundown of CVS.

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