[RFC] incremental rebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Nov 18 20:57:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> That sounds complicated in terms of usage by maintainers.  Maybe I
> didn't quite grok the gist of the idea, so... given the number of
> strata, how is a maintainer supposed to know what stratum a given
> postinstall script should be?  0 and z are simple choices, but
> otherwise... Do you have something in mind which might allow to automate
> that for the maintainer?  In cygport?

Well, of course there are many more strata than needed.  But I think
that anything in "Base" should perhaps be in its own stratum, maybe "b"
for instance.  The idea is not to use them all, but to have something
that can be extended as needed.  Some stuff is already neatly layered
(KDE depends on X depends on Base).  Most of the postinstall scripts
will be on a single default stratum "(i" or whatever we are going to
decide) anyway.

In any case, this is mainly about putting the mechanism in place or
rather to specify it.  Making it usable would require support from
cygport and upset/genini.  Using hidden groups (like the non-functional
_PostInstallLast we already have) would be an obvious way to do that.

> How does the default dependency order come into play?  How, in general,
> do you handle package dependencies if everything is stratumized?  The
> stratum used for a script might invariable break the required order,
> unles the maintainer know *exactly* how to choose the stratum.  Again,
> if it's not just simply 0 or z.

Inside each stratum the dependency order is kept.  The dependecies of
each package must then obviously all post-install on the same or a lower
stratum.  "0" and "z" are indeed special since they have no or all
dependencies on postinstall fullfilled, respectively.

>> That would be the project "Cygwin", right?
> That would be "cygwin-apps".

Ah, I thought I was supposed to chose a project from the list.

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