[RFC] incremental rebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Nov 23 20:18:00 GMT 2014

In my attempt to implement post-postinstall scripts for Ken to use for
TeXlive it turned out that the same hack I used for the pre-postinstall
perpetual scripts wouldn't really work.  So I've implemented the
stratified postinstall already, at the moment limited to three strata:
0, default and z; as well as perpetual and runonce scripts (on each
stratum).  No provisions for query and trigger scripts is made at the
moment, as these can be implemented with some manual effort with the two
script types that are already provided.  This is extensible, although at
the moment I have to configure the available strata twice, so there
needs to be some more refactoring in that area.

Since I've coded this up on my new Linux box which already uses gcc-4.9
I had to do some preparatory fixes (the log macro clashing with the log
function) leading up to the meat of the implementation.  The patch
implementing the stratified postinstall is here:


as well as a tarball:


I will be traveling for most of next week, so please build and check the
new setup.exe with these changes.  All existing scripts fall into the
default stratum, so this should be a drop-in with no behavioural changes
(postinstall will show the default stratum as a "_/" prefix in the
progress window).  CVS access has been activated, but I've not yet
tooled up for CVS.  I hope I'll find time the next weekend.

The pre-compiled binaries as well as an adapted incremental autorebase
package can be downloaded here:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
wget $cygwin/noarch/release/_incautorebase/_incautorebase-00007-1.tar.xz
wget $cygwin/noarch/release/_incautorebase/_incautorebase-00007-1-src.tar.xz
wget $cygwin/noarch/release/_incautorebase/setup.hint
wget $cygwin/x86/setup-x86.exe
wget $cygwin/x86_64/setup-x86_64.exe
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

The changed incremental autorebase package has been tested both as a new
install and subsequent perpetual run on both architectures.  The
pre-compiled binaries identify themselves as version "2.854-spi".

BTW, there are three more patches in the repo


that I would like to get opinions on.  One is a patch sent to this list
some time ago by David Hoke to implement a switch to download and
install the sources for selected packages automatically.

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