[RFC] incremental rebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Nov 27 08:15:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> Yes, but it's anyway not the best code to check for a trailing '/'.
> Feel free to add methods which match your use case better.

I already did while traveling. :-)

>> The perpetual scripts are different in that dependency order can't be
>> generated for them.
> ...except you allow to define more than 1 stratum and run the perpetual
> scripts stratumized.  I thought that was the underlying idea.

Yes.  I was just trying to explain that perpetual scripts would not
follow the dependency order that other scripts have and rather need to
be named appropriately if they need to be run in a fixed order on the
same stratum.  This needs to be coordinated among maintainers if
necessary.  At the moment we only have two usable strata, so this might
become an issue for the perpetual scripts running there.  I've already
named the autorebase script to be very early in the sort order (but left
room for something a 000_cygwin might want to do).

>> The order in which they are run is the sort order
>> of the file find/visitor that picks them up from the postinstall
>> directory.  That order may be locale dependent, so I think we'd somehow
>> need to force something sane here (POSIX).
> The order is the order on disk, which is using the LOCALE_INVARIANT
> locale when creating the B-tree, IIUC.  But it's not asked too much
> if the filename character set is restricted to ASCII.

Good, I was just worried that someone with a strange locale might end up
with a different sort order.

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