[ITP] Sendmail 8.14.9

D. Boland daniel@boland.nl
Sun Oct 26 17:41:00 GMT 2014

Hi group,

I intend to package the Cygwin version of Sendmail, version 8.14.9. 

category: Mail
requires: bash libdb4.8 libgcc1 libopenssl100 libsasl2_3 libwrap0 inetutils-server
m4  procmail tcp_wrappers cyrus-sasl cygrunsrv
sdesc: "The Mail Transfer Agent (mail server)"
ldesc: "General purpose internetwork email routing facility that supports many kinds 
 of mail-transfer and delivery methods, including SMTP, SMTPS (STARTTLS), SMTPA 
 (AUTH) used for email transport over the internet."

I've implementented the "alternatives" mechanism, so it can be installed alongside
other Mail Transfer Agents, such as Exim, Postfix or ssmtp.



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