HEADSUP Maintainers: Stale packages on sourceware

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Wed Oct 29 19:42:00 GMT 2014

> Please find attached a list of old package tarballs which are not listed 
> anywhere in setup.ini, meaning that they are not listed as a previous, 
> current, or test package, and cannot be installed with setup.  These 
> files consume a total of over 1.3Gib.
> Do maintainers have any objections to these being removed?

I don't have any objection for my packages (lftp, screen, socat, stunnel).

I had actually just noticed these old tarballs on one of the Cygwin
mirrors, and was going to ask about them.  In my opinion, they should be
automatically removed once they're no longer installable.

If some maintainers aren't comfortable with that, then maybe the old
package files could be removed after a wait of, say, 3 months.  But that
could take some bookkeeping, and really it's hard to think of a case when
it would be important to do.


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