libquota-devel - broken incomplete package ?

Pavel Fedin
Tue Sep 2 09:39:00 GMT 2014


 I am trying to build NFS-Ganesha, and it includes rquota protocol support,
which relies on USRQUOTA and GRPQUOTA definitions.
 After some searching i have found libquota-devel package which should
apparently be responsible for these. However, inside its only include file i
read the following comments:
--- cut ---
 * The typical way to use the quota library is as follows:
 * {
 *	quota_ctx_t qctx;
 *	quota_init_context(&qctx, fs, -1);
 *	{
 *		quota_compute_usage(qctx, -1);
 *		AND/OR
 *		quota_data_add/quota_data_sub/quota_data_inodes();
 *	}
 *	quota_write_inode(qctx, USRQUOTA);
 *	quota_write_inode(qctx, GRPQUOTA);
 *	quota_release_context(&qctx);
 * }
--- cut ---

 quota_write_inode() declaration is present, however USRQUOTA and GRPQUOTA
are entirely missing. Even more suspicious thing is include files:
--- cut ---
#include "ext2fs/ext2_fs.h"
#include "ext2fs/ext2fs.h"
#include "quotaio.h"
#include "../e2fsck/dict.h"
--- cut ---
 quotaio.h is completely missing in /usr/include. What's wrong ? Is the
package utterly broken ?

 BTW, just for interest, does Cygwin actually support quotas ? NT OS should
actually support them i guess...

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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