libunistring dll version bump

Erwin Waterlander
Sun Sep 21 06:45:00 GMT 2014


There is a new upstream version of libunistring: 0.9.4. I have created 
the new packages, but I have not uploaded them yet.

In the new version there is a version bump of the dll, 
cygunistring-0.dll will be replaced with cygunistring-2.dll. So I expect 
that when I upload the new packages, all packages that depend on 
libunistring will break.

How is this normally handled?
Should I just upload the new packages?

I know one package that depends on libunistring: wcd. Jari Aalto 
maintains it, but he is not responding.
How can I find all the packages that depend on libunistring?


Erwin Waterlander

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