singular package status

Marco Atzeri
Wed Apr 29 06:24:00 GMT 2015

This is an update status from Yue Ren and me on the progress to update
Singular to latest version 4.0.x and port it also to 64bit,
plus of course remove the obsolete dependencies.

- new additional packages needed by Singular-4.0.x have been built
   and  prepared for both 32 and 64 bit one.

   4ti2, cddlib, flint, ntl are available for test at
   As they are requirements for Singular I will not run a formal ITP
   but if someone want to check the packages, feel free to do so.

- cddlib, flint, ntl are the main one and they passes almost all the
   tests. I suspect the few failing ones are upstream bugs.
   4ti2 has failures only on 64bit versions, we need to
   verify the discrepancies.

- we have built and packaged a preliminary mono-package version of
   Singular-4.0.2 from latest git.
   It is functional but the dynamic module functionality seems
   incomplete. We are investigating how to overcome it.

Next actions:
- Solution for dynamic module
- Improve Singular "make check" some tests are not properly
- We need to define the proper sub-package arrangement.

Starting next week I will proceed with the upload of the
new packages: 4ti2, cddlib, flint, ntl
and following the proper Singular packages.


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