[HEADSUP] Dropping libopenssl098 from distro

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Fri Jan 23 15:54:00 GMT 2015

>>>>> Vin Shelton writes:

    > Hi, Volker -
    > Vin wrote:
    >>> I can build XEmacs on 32-bit Cygwin.  What doesn't work for you?

    > Volker wrote:
    >> Here we are

    > A few thoughts:

    > 1. You need to use the most recent XEmacs sources from mercurial.

    > 2. You must have an old version of libpng installed, because 21.4.22
    > won't compile with the newer libpng (some structure members are
    > hidden).

I had a patch for this..see the xemacs.cygport file.
    > 3. You will also need to add:

    > #define stricmp strcasecmp

    > to src/s/cygwin32.h

In the current source we have ?    

    > 4. I will review the contents of xemacs-21.4.22-1.src.patch and
    > promote at least your developer info and the above stricmp hack to the
    > mercurial repo.

    > 5. I have promised to release 21.4.23, so I will do that shortly after #4 above.

Cool...thanks. I'll wait for that before going on.
    >   - Vin


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