Cygwin Subprocesses on XEmacs

Dr. Volker Zell
Fri Jan 30 17:01:00 GMT 2015

>>>>> Vin Shelton writes:

    > I don't see this segfault.  I am running the default version of gcc,
    > and I assume you are, too.  Perhaps you need to rebaseall?

I'm using the latest gcc-4.9.2
    > Your build path is "...xemacs-21.4.22..." are you sure you're using
    > 21.4.23 sources?

Yes...I copied from the wrong log file (that was the latest build from
the hg repository I did before you released 21.4.23). But in the latest version I get the exact error.

    >> I then installed everything and with my current setup xemacs crashed as
    >> soon as font-locking is involved. The current 32 bit xemacs-21.4.22
    >> version works fine with this setup. After googling around I found a
    >> workaround by setting (setq progress-feedback-use-echo-area t) in my
    >> .emacs.

    > This error should be fixed in 21.4.23, there's a new
    > designed to prevent this.  Again - are you sure
    > you're using 21.4.23? current xemacs just spits out "XEmacs 21.4 (patch 23) "Moral Majority"....when using M-X: emacs-version
    >   - Vin


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