Perl 5.22.0

Marco Atzeri
Tue Jul 14 20:40:00 GMT 2015

On 7/14/2015 9:51 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Achim Gratz writes:

> There are a few Perl distribution packages that are captive in another
> source package.  The hopefully complete list of such packages:
> perl-Graphics-Magick
> perl-gv
> perl-Image-Magick
> perl-ming
> perl-Net-Libproxy
> perl-Xfce4-Xfconf
> perl-zinnia
> This means that again Yaakov as well as Marco and Volker need to
> re-release those.  Yaakov has volunteered to update Volker's packages
> while he's away, I hope the offer still stands.


are already available as test

> These packages place module files into vendor_perl while the package
> name has nothing to do with Perl (not all of them are available for both
> architectures):
> amanda
> biber
> git-svn
> git
> irssi
> net-snmp-perl
> po4a
> pristine-tar
> sendxmpp
> subversion-perl
> And lastly, two packages put files in site_perl which should not happen
> for official packages, so that should be corrected anyway:
> grepmail
> stow
> The last two sets of packages involve Mark O'Keefe,
> Ken Brown, Adam Dinwoodie, Marco, David Rothenberger, Jari Aalto, Andrew
> Schulman and Yaakov again.
> Since the move of all packages into the release should happen at the
> same time, I think we need to do something slightly different this time
> around: I propose that instead of posting a !ready cookie a !perl cookie
> is used instead (I hopa that would not create problems with upset).
> Then a maintainer with full ssh access can flip those cookies over to
> !ready between two scans so that all packages get moved at the same
> time.  Would that work for everybody?

I will prefer to upload as test any perl 5.22 package.
Updating the setup.hint will immediately move all the
packages at the same time.

> Regards,
> Achim.

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