[ITP] znc 1.6.0

Alexey Sokolov alexey+cygwin@asokolov.org
Sun Jul 19 19:54:00 GMT 2015

19.07.2015 20:10, Achim Gratz ГЇГЁГёГҐГІ:
> Alexey Sokolov writes:
>>> Is "1" some special number which should be used?
> Just some number that gets bumped whenever the ABI changes
> (i.e. applications that link against the library would need to be
> recompiled).

Well, in that case 1.6 works fine. When 1.7.0 will be released, the
filename will be changed to cygznc-1.7.dll.

>>> ZNC 1.6.0 is supposed to be ABI-compatible with ZNC 1.6.1 (when it will
>>> be released), so third-party modules compiled against cygznc-1.6.dll
>>> from 1.6.0 should work fine with cygznc-1.6.dll from 1.6.1 without
>>> recompilation.
> I've just looked at Debian and openSUSE and both do not have a ZNC
> library?

On Linux the whole program is in /usr/bin/znc executable, and modules
(opened via dlopen()) use symbols from it.
But it's not possible on Windows, because linker requires all used
symbols to be found at build time instead of runtime. So for Windows,
most of code needed to be moved to a DLL, which both modules and (now
small) znc.exe can link to.

>>> That's why I chose 1.6 as version number for the filename.
>>> Also, most of .dll files I see in /bin have "-" before the number,
>>> that's why I've put it here too...
> You ahould ask Yaakov, but I seem to remember that the preferred way to
> name new libraries is now without the hyphen.

Hm, ok...
Yaakov, what's the plan?

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