upset, genini: different version ordering

Achim Gratz
Wed Jul 22 16:21:00 GMT 2015

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> But then, for the time being, you can take care of this weird ordering
> with prev and curr markers, right?

Yes, I could, but since I test things with genini locally I'll have to
guess when to to that.

> Well, apart from "me, no perl", me neither.  Nevertheless I looked into
> upset briefly (I'm tainted anyway), and it turns out that the version
> number handling is entirely hand-made. is a 85 lines perl
> script, providing two functions, Normalize($;$) and Sort(\@)

Thanks, that confirms my suspicions.  Could you tell me what Normalize
uses as the two inputs and how it returns the result?

> Your suggestion was to change upset to use the version handling lib
> from,
> right?

Just for modules starting with "perl".  For the other ones we need to
keep doing what we did before, until such time that we can specify the
ordering algorithm.

> Is anybody here willing to rework a set of perl scripts to improve the
> version handling :}

I've started something in genini already

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